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A collection of resources to help you achieve personal mastery.


Enroll in one of our series and we’ll guide you to take control of your life through simple steps and interactive resources

Master Your Emotions

This 5-step series will teach you how to identify, manage, and control your emotions once and for all. On top of that, you get to learn how to cultivate long-term happiness via simple daily habits.

Improve Your Mind-Body


A 4-step series designed to guide you to experience the power of the mind-body connection. Start tuning in to what your body is saying and get ready to be surprised.

Reframe Your Thoughts

This short 4-step series will teach you how to control your inner dialogue, dispel negative thoughts, and cultivate more positive ones. Take advantage of positive self-talk now!

Body Scan (coming soon!)

Tune in to your body! Take a minute to feel the sensations in your body and be aware of them.

Inner-Dialogue Awareness

Our self-talk influences our attitude, behaviour, and actions. Developing awareness of your inner dialogue can pave the way for breakthroughs. Learn how here.

Values Identifier 

Gaining clarity on your values provides the compass for navigating life’s big decisions and the motivation and focus to achieving your goals.

Lemon Exercise

Did you know that there’s no significant division between your mind and body? Try this exercise to see just how much our mind affects our body.

Emotion Awareness

Our emotions are linked to what we think and affect our behaviour and ultimately our performance. Discover the critical role our emotions play in this simple exercise.

Resonance Frequency Breathing

Resonance frequency breathing is a science-based technique evidenced to reduce anxiety, and improve cardiovascular health, among a host of other life-changing benefits. Learn more here.

Peak State Accelerator

Access a library of NeuroTunes audio tracks to entrain your brainwaves to help you achieve peak state for the specific activity you wish to engage in.

Mindful Minute

Taking a minute or two to be mindful can go a long way in leaving uncomfortable thoughts of the past & easing worries about the future to ground you in the present. This audio script will help you focus on the now to get the most out of your day.

Make Your Self-Talk Positive

Did you know that consciously tweaking your self-talk to be optimistic can make the difference between success and failure? This science-backed exercise will guide you to apply self-talk principles to help you win at work and succeed in life!

ABCD Exercise

Negative events can adversely influence our thoughts, emotions and performance. Want better outcomes? Learn the technique of reframing to help shed a more positive light on events that don’t go as planned.

Values-Based Goal Setting

Goals that are based on your core values are not just meaningful but will help you stay driven. Use this worksheet to help you set values-based goals and actually achieve them!


Our mind’s ability to create pictures to give situations meaning and anticipate outcomes is power we can harness to increase confidence, heal, and even improve our skills. Learn how visualization can transform your performance and life.

“Anchor” Your Way To Effective Performance

Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? Anchoring is a simple Pavlovian conditioning technique that can help you reach the optimal mind and physiological states critical to assail situational demands. Learn how anchoring can bring out your best performance.

Emotion Regulation

Acknowledge how your positive and negative emotions affect you every day. Use this exercise to help you regulate them and use them to your advantage.

Gratitude Cheat Sheet

Feeling stuck on what to be grateful for? This gratitude cheat sheet might help!

Acts of Kindness Cheat Sheet

Studies show that performing acts of kindness can significantly improve our happiness. Use this cheat sheet to get ideas on how to get started!

Goals Achieved

Are you achieving the goals you set for yourself? Want to learn how to reach your goals more easily? Find out here!

Emotions Reflection

Want to be happier? Effectively regulating your emotions can contribute to a more fulfilling life. Find out here!

Regulating Emotions By “Anchoring”  

The practice of anchoring elicits resourceful states that facilitate emotion regulation and successful outcomes by re-experiencing positive emotions and events. Learn more here.

Mindfulness: A Key to Happiness

Mindfulness helps us savour the present and prevents us from rehashing the past or worrying about the future.

Breathe Like a Meditator to be Successful

Research tells us that diaphragmatic breathing can help us attain the meditator’s peak, the calmest physiological state, as well as enhanced mental-emotional wellness and physical health.


10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy On Busy Days

10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy On Busy Days

If you experience frequent energy troughs during the course of the workday, you are not alone. This article shares practical, research-supported tips on how to trade-in a workday marked by frequent energy dips for one where your energy is evenly sustained throughout the day, ensuring that you perform optimally and stay in peak state.

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