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Master Your Emotions

Start this short 5-step series and start taking control of your emotions today!

Welcome to the series!

Emotions are a very big part of our lives. They are the byproduct of our thoughts and circumstances, but they also affect how we think and act. We have all had situations where our emotions got the better of us, whether when we are sitting in traffic, dealing with a difficult co-worker, or arguing with a loved one. Oftentimes, we say or do things we do not mean and ended up regretting it. This is because our brain is interconnected and we are unable to think clearly when overwhelmed with emotions. Thus, it is important to learn how to regulate them.

Our emotions are neither good nor bad, but uncontrolled emotions can cause unneeded stress and anxiety. So are you ready to start? Let’s go!

Step 1: Emotion Awareness Mini-Course
Step 2: Emotion Awareness Worksheet

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Step 3: Emotion Regulation Mini-Course
Step 4: Emotion Regulation Worksheet

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Step 5: Happiness Habits

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