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Anchoring is a useful technique that can be applied discretely to instantly feel confident, strong, etc. to manage any situational demand. It’s based on the science-based learning principle of classical conditioning that triggers the recall of a positive mental-emotional state by creating an association between a resourceful state and a physical gesture.

How to Anchor


Select your resourceful state

Decide what resourceful state you want to experience. Think of a past activity or achievement from memory that triggers strong emotions within you. It could be one in which you felt strong, confident, or motivated or any other qualities that are resourceful.


Recall the memory

Once you have selected the resourceful state you want to access, close your eyes and begin to take long breaths using your diaphragm. Re-experience in your mind and body, the sound, smell, and feelings of your resourceful state. Immerse yourself completely into that emotion.


Implement your anchor

Select a physical gesture or a subvocal word as a cue to access this state. When the sensations reach their peak, do the gesture for 10 to 15 seconds. Breakaway when the memory starts to fade. Activate the gesture anytime you wish to experience your resourceful state. 

How is it helpful?

By recalling your resourceful state while performing your physical or verbal gesture, you have intentionally conditioned yourself to create an association between the two. So, the next time you are faced with a stressful presentation or consumed by feelings of doubt, use the gesture you’ve anchored to instantly re-experience the feelings associated with your desired resourceful state.