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THRIVE Framework

THRIVE is a simple-to-apply framework designed to help you develop personal mastery by uncovering and nurturing the power you already have inside to pave the way for you to achieve infinite success in your professional and personal life. It comprises of six core pillars.

Total-Holistic Approach – taking an integrated approach to improve the whole system of your mind and body.

Regulation – being aware of your physiological and psychological states and learning to regulate them.

Inner-Dialogue – engaging in positive self-talk to improve your confidence, resilience, and productivity.

Visualization – creating outcome-specific mental images in your mind to help you reach your goals.

Values – creating and realizing goals that are aligned with your core values.

Emotion Regulation – controlling your emotions for better physical and psychological health.

Each element of the THRIVE framework supplements each other and when practised in tandem works synergistically, allowing you to develop real control.


Adopting a systems perspective to mastering our own psychology through self-awareness.


Self-monitoring & self-regulating one’s physiological system and energy state to overcome stress & meet situational demands.


Harness the power of empowering self-talk that elevates self-confidence & bolster success.

The important ‘whys’ that fuel our actions and behaviors. Setting goals aligned with our values keeps us motivated and makes success predictable.

Practice regular and consistent mental imagery to motivate, activate, heal, attain happiness, and improve skills.

Promote health, positive emotions, and resilience and success in work and relationships.
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