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Total-Holistic Approach

By Cultivating Self-Awareness

Have you ever noticed your breathing becoming more rapid and shallow before a big presentation? Ever experienced butterflies in your stomach before going on stage in front of VIPs? Why does a psychological state like feeling nervous cause your palms to sweat?

Physical activities, such as exercise, can have an impact on your mental state. Similarly, your mental state can influence how your body works – specifically, how your autonomic nervous system functions.

The autonomic nervous system controls physiological processes like digestion, respiration, heart rate, and other involuntary biological functions. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions have a significant impact on this system.

The interconnectedness of our mind and body necessitates an integrated approach, whether your goal is to improve your mental or physical performance. THRIVE takes a Total-Holistic approach with the aim of improving the whole system to help you to become the best version of yourself.

An integrated approach starts with increasing the awareness of your mind and body, being conscious of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and physiological system to improve your psychological and physical state.

Developing self-awareness is the foundational step to learning techniques to optimize your health and mental well-being, once you are cognizant of what needs to be improved.

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We all know that psychology plays a major role in our success or failure in any endeavour. But how well do we really understand and master our own psychology?

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Having developed the knowledge of how your mind and body connect makes you more aware of what’s going on in your body – of the thoughts that contribute to the tension in your body.



Develops a sense of personal control. Making you the active participant that is responsible for your own growth and health – gives you the freedom of making decisions and taking effective actions needed to achieve your goals, and the ability to manage your own stress better. It helps you to get to know yourself better, in a sense that it gives you a chance to slow down and get in touch with yourself. It allows your mind to send out information all over you body.



Opens possibilities for growth and development. Having your mind and body in sync will be the first step you acquire that continuously expands into other skill improvements. 

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