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Did you know that we are constantly talking to ourselves, often without being conscious of what we tell ourselves? Some people shrug at the significance of their self-talk or underestimate the power their inner dialogue wields in determining the success or failure of their pursuits. 

Every time something happens, for example, when you forget something at home, and you immediately tell yourself, “I am so sloppy,” you just had an inner dialogue with yourself.

Did you also know that your inner dialogue can affect you mentally and physically? The more you talk to yourself in a pessimistic and negative way, the more likely you are to experience anxiety, depression, and poor performance (Seligman, 2008; Treadwell & Kendall, 1996; Raalte et al., 1995). 

On the other hand, if you talk to yourself in a positive and optimistic manner, you are more likely to perform better, feel more confident, experience less anxiety, feel less tired, and recover faster after exhaustion (Blanchfield et al., 2013; Hatzigeorgiadis et al., 2008; )

By now, you would have understood that our inner dialogue significantly influences many areas of our life, such as our health, productivity, and relationships. Our inner dialogue results from our conscious and unconscious ideas, beliefs, and biases – therefore, it is crucial to be aware of them. It directs our attitudes, decisions, conduct, and behaviour, can limit our potential or pave the way for breakthroughs.

Changing your inner dialogue has the power of improving your quality of life. Begin the process of positive self-talk by providing yourself with affirmation, support, love, and compassion. To reframe your inner dialogue, follow these three steps:

1. Recognize any automatic thoughts and inner critique that run in your head.

2. Evaluate to see any irrationalities or distortions.

3. Reframe negative self-talk to a more positive and and optimistic point of view



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