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A collection of resources to help you achieve self-mastery.

Body Scan

Tune in to your body! Take a minute to feel the sensations in your body and be aware of them.

Energy-Tension Quiz

This quiz will help you find out your level of energy and tension to see your physical state.

Inner-Dialogue Awareness

The way we talk to ourselves influence our attitude, behavior, and actions. Be aware of how you speak to yourslef and use it to pave the way for breakthroughs.

Values Identifier 

Know yourself and your values to get a better picture of what is important in your life and help you focus on achieving them.

Lemon Exercise

Did you know that your mind and body are connected? Try this exercise to see just how much our mind affects our body.

Emotion Awareness

Our emotions come directly from what we think and affects our behavior. This exercise will help you become aware of how our emotions play a role.

Resonance Frequency Breathing

Resonance frequency breathing is mediated by slow, relaxed diaphragmatic breathing to help you achieve calmness.

Brainwave Entertainment

A library of neurotunes audio to entertain your brain waves and help you achieve peak state for the specific activity you desire.

Mindful Minute

Take a minute to be mindful and forget your worries of the past and future. This audio will help you focus in the present and go on with your day.

Positive Self-Talk

Change the way you talk to yourself! This exercise will guide you to be kinder to yourself and help you win in life!

ABCD Exercise

Get to know how negative events influences our thoughts and emotions. Reframe them to help us see a more positive light to it.

Values-Based Goal Setting

Goals that are based on your personal values will help you stay motivated. Use this to help you set your goals and achieve them!


Our mind affects our body. Practice visualization to motivate, grant happiness, heal, and even improve your skills!


Practice anchoring to elicit resourceful states that facilitate successful outcomes by re-experiencing positive emotions and events.

Emotion Regulation

Acknowledge how your positive and negative emotions affect you everyday. Use this exercise to help you regulate them and use them to your favor.

Gratitude Cheat Sheet

Feeling stuck on what to be grateful of? This gratitude cheat sheet might help!

Acts of Kindness Cheat Sheet

Studies show doing acts of kindness can improve our happiness and mood. Use this to get ideas on what you can do!

Self-Mastery: Regulation

Have you mastered the art of regulating your physical self and using it to help you grow? Find out here!

Self-Mastery: Inner-Dialogue

Are you kinder to yourself? Did talking to yourself in a positive way help you achieve your goals? Find out here!

Self-Mastery: Values & Visualization

Are you able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself? Find out here!

Self-Mastery: Emotions

Are you happier? Have you successfully regulate your emotions and use them to live a more fulfilling life? Find out here!

How to Stay Organized at Work

Sleep-loss can strongly affect our work performance. In this article you can find tips on how to improve your sleep quality to reach your peak performance

10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy on Busy Days

Do you feel that you barely have enough energy to go through your activities every day? Here are 10 tips that can sustain your energy level through the day.

Emotions Controlled: Science-Based Steps and Strategies

Losing control of your own life because focusing too much on work not yourself? Controlling emotions is one of ways to control your life. Here are the tips!


How Anchoring Can Help Regulate Your Emotions

Anchoring maintains your emotional buoyancy by recalling positive emotions. Access these emotions next time you are faced with a stressful situation.

Mindfulness: A Key to Happiness

Mindfulness helps us savor the present and prevents us from thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Breathe Like a Meditator to be Successful

Benefits of resonance frequency diaphragmatic breathing include attaining the meditator’s peak, the calmest physiological state, mental-emotional wellness, physical health.