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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an individual’s ability, regardless of age, to focus and control impulses. While these symptoms can be common in the general population, they are significantly more severe and disruptive among those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Early Detection Crucial

The early identification of ADD/ADHD symptoms can greatly aid in providing optimal interventions, improving the quality of life for people struggling with this disorder.

However, it is essential to avoid careless diagnoses due to potentially severe consequences on your work performance and personal life. These repercussions include possible concealment of other neuropsychological conditions.

Quiz Accuracy

This simplified assessment is not constructed to substitute a professional diagnosis or a definitive diagnostic instrument.  As a matter of fact, no single diagnostic tool should be solely relied upon to form a conclusive diagnosis of a neuropsychological condition.

Nevertheless, you could utilize this quiz for the following:

  • As a self-monitoring mechanism: It is useful as a tool for self-monitoring, allowing you to track the development of your symptoms over time. It also serves as a guideline to help determine if or when you might need to seek assistance from a healthcare provider.
  • Providing knowledge: The answers to this quiz can help your healthcare provider gain better insights into your challenges and concerns in order to assist in their assessment and tailor therapeutic interventions that match those concerns.

Note that only a qualified healthcare expert, like a psychologist, can guide you towards appropriate next steps.

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