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Monthly E-Planner

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Monthly Planner

This monthly planner provides the resources to help you review your goals throughout the month. It will help you reflect on how your emotions affected your month, and the progress you’ve made and explore areas that  still need improvement.

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Thrive is a science-based framework that helps professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs overcome self-doubt, develop self-optimization skills, raise self-confidence, stress less, earn more, and live life with optimism.


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Monthly E-Planner

Product Highlights

Regulate Emotions

Achieve Goals





How We're Different

Our planner is a science-based framework with an end goal to achieve self-mastery through self-awareness and regulation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help professionals develop true control of their entire system, enabling them the power to shift to optimal states ideal for specific tasks and helps them perform at their optimal best.

What You Will Get

In this planner, you will get in depth explanations about the THRIVE Framework, tutorials on how to effectively use this planner, and a daily planner to optimize your day, including an emotion tracker and goal setting to help you achieve your goals.

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