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Ch.1 Reprogram Your Thoughts

At the end of this chapter, you will learn the power of your inner dialogue and a simple strategy to tap the innate power of your inner dialogue to shape your thoughts to improve the quality of your life.

Ch.2 Empowering Imagery

Our mental (or mind) “pictures” can be so real that they can create physiological and emotional states, resulting in a panic attack or a throbbing migraine headache.

By the end of this chapter, you will learn a simple, yet effective technique to harness the power of your mind’s ability to create pictures to work in your favour to enhance success.

Ch.3 Attention Control

The ability to maintain a narrowed attentional state is central to success. However, a sustained focused state is counterproductive as it leads to an inordinate buildup of tension and stress.

In this chapter, you’ll learn a simple technique to balance your attentional state to activate a calm, relaxed state on command.

chapter 1

Reprogram Your Thoughts

The way we talk to ourselves impacts what we think, how we feel and what we do. It guides our attitudes, decisions and motivations while also affecting our mental and physical health.


We are prone to negative self-talk that is overly critical, destructive and dysfunctional. The good news is that we can practice positive self-talk and use it to our advantage.

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chapter 2

Empowering Imagery

Visualization or mental imagery is an evidence-based technique often used by athletes and other professionals to break through limits and improve their performance. However, we all have the power to create images in our minds to enter powerful psychological and emotional states.

Applying and incorporating the powerful learning principle of classical conditioning or more commonly known as anchoring is an effective strategy to access beneficial, resourceful mental-emotional states to assail situational challenges that can dramatically transform your outcome.

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chapter 3

Attention Control

Staying focused is essential to finish any task successfully. However, maintaining a laser-like focus incessantly can cause the buildup of stress and tension over time that can negatively impact overall performance and health.

Play the Mindful Minute guided audio script to balance your attentional state, de-stress and re-centre yourself.

The key to keeping stress in check is to be flexible. We need to be able to pull tension into our body and brain for them to perform optimally only when needed.

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