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Optimal-Self Quiz
Are you at your optimal best? Take this quiz to find out. 

What is it?

The Optimal-Self quiz comprises 4 subscales, i.e., anxiety, cognitive (mind) stress, somatic (body) stress, and happiness. This quick 3-minute quiz gives you a rating for each of the sub-scales and matches you to result-specific practical tools and resources to help you raise your coping skills, and thrive in any situation.

How is it helpful?

One consequence of a profound phenomenon such as a global pandemic is that many of us struggle with a mixed bag of emotions that may impede our attempt to find our footing in the new normal and navigate our way to regain confidence and establish ourselves in an increasingly uncertain world
The Optimal Self Quiz is a great starting point and useful tool to begin the journey to self-discover your performance in each one of the 4 domains as a basis for developing strategies to redress them and rise above and assail challenges in your personal and professional life.
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